Saturday, June 24, 2006

For all the Moms I've Known Before...(Josie 5.21.04)

A tough diaper change.
(Finally!) the onesie is snapped
Now it's time for pants
but you kick
wiggle those legs
won't let me get your
feet into those pant legs --
I try
and I try
you kick
giggle & wriggle
turn over on your belly
move quick as a cricket
I grab your ankles
give you a flip
Hold you down
(a little too hard)
get those pants
on your teasing legs
Stand you up
Tug pants up
Turn you around
A swat on the butt
you fall to the bed
suddenly betrayed (I try to explain but)
the tears still come
I stomp away
leave the room for
a breath, (then another)
slowly turn --
back to the bed
to dry a tear and
a kiss on the head
an offering of water
& (finally!) a smile
in a short while
we're friends again.

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