Saturday, June 24, 2006

For all the Moms I've Known Before...(Josie 5.21.04)

A tough diaper change.
(Finally!) the onesie is snapped
Now it's time for pants
but you kick
wiggle those legs
won't let me get your
feet into those pant legs --
I try
and I try
you kick
giggle & wriggle
turn over on your belly
move quick as a cricket
I grab your ankles
give you a flip
Hold you down
(a little too hard)
get those pants
on your teasing legs
Stand you up
Tug pants up
Turn you around
A swat on the butt
you fall to the bed
suddenly betrayed (I try to explain but)
the tears still come
I stomp away
leave the room for
a breath, (then another)
slowly turn --
back to the bed
to dry a tear and
a kiss on the head
an offering of water
& (finally!) a smile
in a short while
we're friends again.

Bea at 9 Months (10.24.2005)

Last night's
left you curious on the couch
Dad & Josie
giggling in the bedroom
Your ears perked up....
"What am I missing?"
You stretched your neck out
a few inches to hear
to try to see --
then you crawled a few inches closer
to the edge
"What's going on?"
"What am I missing?"
Josie came running out
You smiled.
"What am I missing?!"

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rock Creek

crisp cold night in tent
birds sing as the sun rises
boaters rush the creek

Monday, June 05, 2006

Native State

Thought the landscape could hold me
lure of the west, some hidden independence

but the sky is not the sky I know
there are no 4 pm summer storms
to leave steam on the streets

I miss red cardinals and blue jays
maples and magnolias
the saucer magnolia
pink petals shedding

the wait for the first firefly flash
and big black crickets chirping all night

handfuls and handfuls of cherry tomatoes
warmed by a hot day, little suns in my mouth

the nights looking into the darkened woods
from a screened porch
listening to the creek
wondering what was out there