Monday, May 29, 2006

Montana Fair

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Summer from Center Avenue

train track as balance beam
railroad ties for hopscotch
a couple quarters down for the 7:20 train

the locomotive's headlight is about a mile away
we hear the ding-ding-ding-ding
at the Shamrock Road crossing
the horn (get off the traaaaacks!)
cars still trying to beat this one
it's always long
we scurry off to the side to
hide in the vines and weeds
wind and rumble
rhythm of wheels
I close my eyes
the final breeze

then the quiet search for our flattened coins
and a wave to the caboose

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Near Miss Haiku

corner of my eye
bike ignoring a stop sign
I swerve like a snake

Saint Mary's at the end of May

leaving the garden plot for a stroll
crossing Turner
you said "it's a forest" I called it shade
we sat on a bench next to black marble
you dancing ring around the rosies & ashes ashes
I was thinking of Aunt Sally and a dream of
collectible coins thrown in the deep end of a pool

we ran up the hill to where the babies are buried
I cried of course but didn't want you to see
thought I'd jinxed my children by even being there
and saw a son visiting the grave of his father
silent in the grass by fading flowers

Old Shed

It was (almost) like watching an animal fighting for it's life
These people had this image of a neighboring Pisa-like shed
You pull on one side, I'll push on the other
we giggled and sighed

Four hours later cracked & groaning
it was hacked & sawed & broken into bits
ugly no longer proud or historical or
"hey look at that leaning shed" or salvaged only
destroyed by some kids with saws
not even wearing gloves as they pulled off the siding
rusty nails popping
the nerve